Thursday, March 31, 2011


Anyone knows what ever happened to GTT's Cellink? I guess it died a natural death.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Guyana - The New Gaza Strip

OMG, it's the Taliban ... no wait, it's Osama himself! ... no no no! It's a dumb fucker smoking a fucking cigarette next to a gas cylinder that caused the explosion at the Stabroek area. At least that's one story. Other stories include a dumbass having a grenade in his pocket and making the pin fall out; whilst another said that it was the grenade from the pocket of the dumbass that blew up and caused the gas cylinder to go KABOOM too. In any case, someone or something caused an explosive fart that killed one and injured many.

I wonder if we're going to see Uncle Sam rolling in with the tanks and choppers anytime soon? I hope not!

What never ceases to amaze me though, is the lack of information available and the misinformation that seems to abound when things like this happen. Even up to minutes after 3 in the afternoon (bearing in mind the incident occurred at around 10 in the morning) there was no conclusive news as to what really happened. Why is it that we always have to wait until days later to find out what REALLY went on?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh Gawd, Charmaine is at it again

Charmaine girl, you've got a lot of spirit. Not to mention you look like one, but that's a whole other kettle of fish. It is with much bewilderment, shock and dismay that I discovered this tonight:

Yes my friends, King of Drums PRODUCED by Charmaine Blackman and her hussie, Bonny Alves. Leave it to fucking Charmaine Blackman to create this piece of shit or should I say Guyanese Moods.

Charmaine writes:
" You see we are not ready yet for commercial distribution of the movie ... We are trying to recoop costs by having a series of public viewings before we launch into DVD production".

Public viewings?? Really? I'll be looking out for this. That way I'll know all the tone-deaf people in this country.

Thankfully, I have not nor do I intend to see this.

Who knows ... maybe she'll move entirely to 'producing' and save us the anguish of having to hear her sing, and I use that word very loosely.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yep, we're back!

Wow, it's almost been a year since we last made an entry on the blog. To offer an excuse as to why we stopped blogging ... well, this I cannot do. But I just wanted to add this note to let you all know that we intend to start writing again. Not sure about the frequency, but we intend to keep you entertained and informed as usual. Thanks for all the support thus far.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

More licks for GTT...

GTT continues to see its revenue decline.

Bypass and Economic Conditions my ass, blame DIGICEL. Gregory Dean etal must be have a ball over there at high street...that is, if those workaholics can stop long enough to savor a moment.

I wonder now if they're going to scale back on this dollar-a-minute, we hope not, we've gotten addicted to the cheapness...what?? Not like you haven't also!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Charmaine Blackman -- Go bag you frigging face!

It's fucking amazing to think that there are people in this country who actually back, promote and offer praise to Charmaine and her 'so-called' music. Like Cultured Wretch, I've had the unfortunate displeasure of hearing Charmaine butcher not just one song, but two. She attacked Leona Lewis yet again - screaming 'Bleeding Love', and Beyonce - belching up her version of 'Naughty Girl'. Oh my GAWD, Charmaine you definitely deserve an award - A get-the-fuck-off-the-stage-and-go-crack-your-skull-because-you-are-so-fucking-horrible award. Yes darling, you deserve it.

Your voice is not only shrill, annoying and bash-my-head-in horrible, but you are a horrible site to look at. Left Side & Esco sang it right -- TUCK IN YOUR FUCKING BELLY.

How and why she actually continues to be a Guyanese musician is far beyond me. This proves -- miracles do and can come through.

KFC - a real shit hole

Okay, I've had my say about KFC, but this must be said and reiterated -- KFC should get the fuck out of this country or at least be headed under new management with a major revamp and overhaul.

The fuckers are now doing the unthinkable. Apart from serving customers in Styrofoam boxes and unmarked paper bags, they are now charging $10 per packet of ketchup if you ask for extra. Who the fuck are these people?!? How more ridiculous can they become?

KFC, take you greasy-ass fucking chicken and gets to steppin'.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Charmaine Blackman needs to be stopped!!

Have you ever seen a butcher at work? How about hearing one? Well let me tell you, two days ago I had the most unfortunate experience of hearing Charmaine Blackman as she butchered Leona Lewis’s “Better in Time”.

What the fuck is wrong with this woman? She should be working at JAPS or at the abattoir or maybe she might even be too brutal for them. Someone clearly needs to stop this freak of nature, why the hell she can’t choke on her freaking tongue or something is beyond me. I tell you, the Gods too are fond of a joke.

This attempt was tasteless, ridiculous and should be held in utmost contempt and condescension. What this woman did to this song is a travesty unlike any other and I am saying this in all seriousness, SHE REALLY NEEDS TO STOP!!! Lord knows if I could have, I would have jailed her for disturbing the peace or even Human Rights Abuses because she clearly abuses mine and other people’s ears with this nonsense that comes out of her mouth. It would appear as though she is completely unspoiled by failure, and personally I wish she was one load her mother had swallowed. Now I have never killed anyone but I have read a great many Obituaries with pleasure and I must confess, hers is one I would love to read. Anybody has some Jim Jones Kool-Aid available? Hers is a life that would be greatly improved by death…sad but true!

What's up with Digi?

Speaking of Digicel, why the heck is Sherry Ann so red in these recent ads, tip to the graphic artist, a little less saturation please. I tell ya, these guys at Digicel and Tagman are getting really sloppy and boring. Remember Barrack Obama, what was this theme? Change? Definitely in need here for the red network.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

GTT is being Naughty, Naughty....

Recently it seems as though at a certain time of the night, usually between 7-9, it becomes nearly impossible to place a call to Digicel if you’re using a GTT phone. Try it and more than likely you’ll be greeted with “Calls to this network cannot be completed, please contact the commercial office for further information” or something like that. Call into GTT customer’s service and you’ll be informed that it’s the other network that has the problem, and you will be further fed with all the bad qualities of Digicel. GTT’s CSR’s should respect the customer’s choice. If people want to have Digicel that is their choice, we live in a mostly free country and we are afforded the power of choice.

GTT is clearly sabotaging Digicel in this regard by blocking calls to their network, they need to stop this practice, it is stooping way below the belt and it’s definitely not playing on a level field for fair competition.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The ascent and descent of Digicel's commercials

How did Digicel get here is beyond me. They recently had this great ad running on television, the one with Sherry Ann Dyal and Henry Rodney. That was a super nice one, the music was catchy, the coloring excellent, apart from casting Rodney in the video, it was flawless. Why they’re no longer showing it is beyond me. However they’ve replaced that one with a comical, utterly ridiculous and pure nonsense of an ad featuring three jackasses in the form women parading their ‘Pre-paid bundle plan”.

Just when you get tired of freaking Radika all over the fucking place and you think nothing can be more annoying to the ear (except Charmaine Blackman and DJ Stress of course) here comes Digicel to spoil the moment by unleashing this on the Guyanese people. This wasn’t just mildly annoying and obnoxious like so many other people – this was obnoxious and stupid in a different and worse way and I can’t help but think that the people who came up with this idea, just talked for the sake for talking…a classic case of Diarrhea of the mouth; constipation of the ideas.

Instead of appealing for a license for international services, Digicel should be appealing for some creative people over there, their marketing team is beginning to get it wrong and it’s time for some fresh ideas in your ad’s. Your graphic artists (not just the local ones) are becoming stale and there is nothing creative about the print ad’s being produced either. Has the brain drain spread to you guys as well that you have artists without proper mental and creative faculties that they can’t make diverse ads? They’re suddenly appearing to be as useful as a windshield wiper on a goat's ass…yea, it’s that freaking bad.

Do us all a huge fucking favor and get those pre-paid asses off the blasted television and radio!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So Priya, did you drink yeast??

Ok, who's seen Priya lately? If you have then you know what i'm talking about. She must be following in Romel Roopnarine's footsteps. However, I don't think they're getting plump for the same reasons. No no no, Priya recently got married, and I'm guessing the saying it's true what they say - sex gets you fat. Well Priya, you must be getting alotta wata for you to be bloating up like that. Good for you though, honey, show those political men that it's not only they who can collect that wata.

Friday, April 3, 2009

How the hell does this make sense?

In light of recent happenings surrounding that lil boy and gay man story, Kaieteur news went and found a lawyer who is of the opinion that the age of consent law does not apply to boys as well.
If that is indeed the case, then like many others this is another foolish law. I cannot even begin to imagine the rationale for this glaring discrepancy. It just doesn't make any sense.

Alright by now some people know my opinion on that whole matter with the 15 year old but my thoughts on this matter, the age of consent law, goes further than this one matter. Are lil boys not allowed the same protection accorded by law as girls? A boy should have the same legal protection as his female counterpart, no if's, but's or maybe's about that. It's that simple!!

Can someone please provide a logical explanation for this because over here we just see it as a bundle of crap. What about that whole equality thing, no discrimination. Shouldn't this be considered a form of discrimination as well? Just at a loss of words to describe this. Help us to understand would you.